Friday Night Punks™ Global Roadmap

complete Phase 1
(Q3-Q4 2021)
Building Blocks
Research attributes and design collection art
Develop Twitter & Discord community
Mint project on OpenSea
complete Phase 2
(Q1-Q2 2022)
Update: FNP 2.0
Hire dev to engineer FNP smart contract
Safeguard & trademark collection
Migrate and relaunch with dynamic NFT`s
ongoing Phase 3
(Q3-Q4 2022)
2022 Fantasy Football Gameplay
Expand outreach and partnerships
Design utility-based gamification
Host events central to fantasy gaming
Phase 4
(Q1-Q3 2023)
Transition Into Web3
Deploy year-round fantasy programming
Bridge legacy fantasy with SC dApps
Launch FN3 - exclusive Web3 fantasy platform
Phase 5
Digital Trading Card Game
Community-generated content & mechanics
Build out comprehensive player multiverse
Incorporate FNP’s for next-gen gameplay